More beautiful. More versatile.
More unique.

GlassLeaf’s Smart Picture looks like a gallery-quality framed photo, but hides a whole new level of digital power below the surface. It features a gorgeous, large display surrounded by an elegant wooden frame, that will compliment any photo you put in it, and any home you put it in. It sports no buttons, no sensors, no sounds, no GIFs, no gimmicks. Nothing that could steal focus from the art itself.

Not just a big display. A better picture

Ultra clear
LED display

Dynamic Backlight

Wide angle IPS screen

When printing photos nothing is more important than the choosing the right paper. When exhibiting digital photos nothing is more important than the display quality. GlassLeaf’s SMARTpx uses some of the best consumer-grade displays currently available. This means that you will enjoy crisper, clearer, and richer picture quality, even at wide viewing angles. The display is optimized to ensure true, life-like colors, that uncovers hidden details and lets you see colors as they were meant to be seen. All of this with power consumption of less than an average light bulb.

Technical Specifications

Smart Smart Plus Smart Pro
Frame size 75 x 55 x 7 cm 93 x 68 x 7 cm 127 x 92.5 x 7 cm
Picture Aspect Ratio 3:2 3:2 3:2
Picture net size 28’’ 35’’ 48’’
Resolution 1620 x 1080
(full HD equivalent)
1620 x 1080
(full HD equivalent)
3240 x 2160
(4K equivalent)
Backlight Direct Direct Direct
Display Technology IPS IPS IPS
Finish Semi-gloss Semi-gloss Semi-gloss
Vesa 200 x 200 200 x 200 400 x 400
Power Consumption 31 W 45 W 64 W

Beautiful by day. Stunning by night.

3 sizes

2 designs

Mount horizontally
or vertically

Enjoy day and

Be in control of your wall. With just a tap.


Enjoy large collections of incredible artist photography. Find your taste and create your own viewlists. Be surprised and delighted every day by your new wall decor.


Change your pictures as often as you like - automatically every hour, day or week, or with a tap simply when you feel like it.


Add your own best photos to your playlist by uploading them from your computer, or importing them from your favorite photo service.

Unlike most technology you know, Glassleaf’s SMARTpx is designed for passive experience. Most of the time it will simply be there, for you to enjoy indulgently. However, when you do want to take control of your wall or add content, get ready to be delighted what you’ll find in our Smart Gallery app.