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GlassLeaf SMARTpx


The only real commonality between SmartPx and TV is that both use high resolution displays. SmartPx is specifically designed for the discovery, collection and display of beautiful photography and visual arts on your wall.

The device’s look & feel are as close as digital gets to a wall-hanged picture. Unlike TVs, the display is uniquely optimized for true colors and image quality, and includes dynamic backlight. It sports a 3:2 length to height aspect ratio, which is native for DSLR photography, and can be hanged in landscape or portrait mode. It’s proprietary anti burn-in technology allows for displaying still images for a long period of time.
You can easily upload your photos or discover best of class photos selected by our curators. You can create your own galleries and select which ones to display. All this via a mobile app or from your desktop.
You can upload and display your own photography, photos that you buy online, or any beautiful image you see on the web and can download to your computer. The software will automatically resize your images to fit the display resolution and aspect ratio.
Supported file formats are jpg and png. For best results use photos between 500KB and 5MB. H264 video support coming soon.


SMARTpx comes with a 3 meter long thin white power cable. For communication, it connects wirelessly via a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi adapter. To operate normally, it must be installed in a location with good WiFi quality.
SMARTpx only has a single power button. All control is done with the mobile app or from your desktop.
SMARTpx is designed to be as close as possible to a wall-hanged picture. Therefore it sports no speakers nor audio outputs.
SMARTpx uses an IPS display which maintains high image quality up to 178°.
Yes, just set your preferred orientation in the settings page, and hang it the best way to match your space.
The screen lifespan is more than 40,000 hours, so 5-7 years depending on how long it is shut down during the night.
SMARTpx weighs about 10 kilograms,
SMARTpx Plus weights about 15 kilograms,
SMARTpx Pro weights about 20 kilograms.
SMARTpx supports standard VESA mounts and the hanging service will coordinated for you by GlassLeaf.
We offer one year warranty on the product.


The mobile app communicates with SmartPx and controls it. You use it to setup the device, upload and display pictures, select galleries, and even discover new art.
The mobile web app supports all modern smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Yes. The desktop web app supports Chrome and Safari and allows you to do everything the mobile app does.
In our Daily Discovery mode, every morning you’ll find a new photo from GlassLeaf’s curated galleries streamed directly to your SMARTpx device. Just set up your favorite channels and topics and you’ll be delighted by the new pictures you wake up to every day.
No, but each photo in the Daily Discovery mode includes the photographer name and a link back to his website or to the contributing website. We encourage you to check out more from the portfolio of the photographers you discover. You can then purchase the images you like best directly from them and upload them to your SMARTpx device.


We are looking for great photographers to join our platform and help our users discover beautiful new art. If you’d like photography lovers to discover your art directly on their walls, in the size, quality and style it deserves, email us at [email protected]
You can upload up to 10 photos at a time to be reviewed by our editorial staff.