Welcome the picture of the future

Beautifully back-lit and fantastically digital, SMARTpx is a futuristic way to decorate your walls. Prepare for an unmatched visual experience, more lively than any printed picture you have seen. Our optimized display technology, connected software and top-quality screens finally bring your wall-decor to the digital age.

You have a huge selection of songs on iPod, books on Kindle, and movies on TV. But on your wall - you have that one piece of art, that eventually loses its charm. Our Smart Lightbox gives you an immense photo gallery experience right on your wall, with world-class photography that changes every day, so you’re always delighted by what you see.

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Grace your home with worldly galleries.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a new kind of photography experience. GlassLeaf’s Smart Gallery app gives you access to incredible photos from all around the world. Whatever your décor style is, your interests, your inspirations – our team of curators will make sure that you discover photos you’d love.

Check out a few samples of our art galleries >

Build your own art collection

What are your favorite photos and paintings? Have you ever felt mesmerized by a beautiful photograph you saw in a gallery or by a dramatic portrait in a museum? Wish you could put them in your bag and take them home? Now you can virtually start doing that. From landscape to contemporary photography, or even from Monet to Vermeer - add whatever touches your heart to your personal art collection. Then when you’re in the mood, lay back and enjoy your favorites, hanging on your wall.

Bring your memories to life, on your wall

You want your home to be beautiful, but sometimes you also want it to reflect who you are and who you love. Personalize your Smart Gallery photo collection by adding your own family photos. Whether it’s grand events, mundane moments, or even your child’s paintings, you can now transform an open wall into a living gallery of your family’s best memories.