Introducing SMARTpx, a premium digital photography frame that changes the way you experience your photos. No more impossible dilemmas of which photo to print and hang. All your best photos, readily available in a stylish, full-size digital Lightbox, with just a tap.

The power of the digital

Lightboxes have long been a favorite of artists looking to embrace the dramatic effect and vivid colors of an illuminated image. But lightboxes are cumbersome, expensive and limited to just one photo. GlassLeaf’s SMARTpx, changes this equation. It leverages advanced LED and WiFi technology to combine the powerful effect of a Lightbox, with all the benefits of the modern digital world - unlimited photo selection, smartphone control and access to rich content.

Bring the gallery home.

Your photos are a deep expression of who you are. With GlassLeaf you can display any photo you want, whenever you want. Imagine your personal gallery- on-a-wall - your photo collection proudly displayed, where you'll see it every day.

Size Matters

Frame sizes compared to iPhone 6 Plus

Your camera captures millions of pixels, but your photos are trapped between smartphones and small computers screens. They have a bigger story to tell. The only way to appreciate the full detail of your photos, the life that you breathed into them, and their effect on people is to put them in the spotlight on your wall. The bigger the better.

Showcase your art to friends
and family

Whether you invite friends over, host a family dinner or have a business meeting, people will be wowed by your photos jumping off the screen in such rich, vibrant detail.

Get inspired.

Discover new photographers from all around the world. Get inspired from a meticulously curated sets of endless amazing photography from different countries, cultures and eyes. All in large size and high quality, right on your wall.